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Customize your widget

If you have created a CSS style sheet and wish to apply it to your widget, get in touch with us.

If you already have done this and we have added your theme to Appgree, you only need to click on the “Load Theme” button from the last step of the widget insertion and enter your theme’s name. You do not need to enter the file extension. If you are not a developer, we recommend you customize your widget from the widget generator:


But what is a theme?

A theme is a set of colors, fonts and effects that conform a style to be applied to a document and other content, like our widget.

In Appgree a CSS style sheet represents a theme. A style sheet is a .css file that allows you to define a set of rules modifying colors, fonts, sizes, etc.

How can I create my own theme?

There are several techniques for creating style sheets. The widget’s owner -with the help of a web developer, unless the owner has the skills- can create a style sheet. Developers’ tools available in most web browsers can be used to analyze and customize the widget’s format.

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