How it works

How Appgree works

Sure, one person can give us their point of view. No problem there, right? But now with Appgree, so can an entire group thanks to DemoRank®, the world’s first and only Consensus Search Engine


he problem

DemoRank® is the answer to problems we face when an individual or organization wants to ask an open-ended question and find common ground among an entire group. If just 5 responses come in, ranking these is a cinch: just put all the responses to a community-wide vote. But if there are 100? Or 1,000? Getting one person to vote on hundreds or thousands of responses would be beyond impossible.


he solution

Thanks to a revolutionary technique based on statistical sampling, DemoRank® needs only a few votes per person to find the response with the widest support in a community, whether there are 100 responses or even a million. You can also set up your questions to be active for anywhere from minutes to several weeks depending on your target audience.

Appgree finds the best idea, opinion, or comment among all those given by the community. And it does this based on opinions that come out of the group itself


Turn chaos into actionable data

If you want to know what your customers want, what your members prefer, co-create content together with your followers, or test to see what works and what doesn’t before putting products and services out to market, Appgree can make things easy for you.

Ask an open-ended question to your community members and then sit back as their responses come in. In no time you’ll see how their ideas and opinions are ranked by group consensus. You’ll get a response that the entire community has come together around and within the time frame you have chosen.

Open-ended questions

What makes Appgree unique is how it enables you to put out an open-ended question to a community and get their view, no matter what the topic.



Decide what to ask and to whom

Create questions with your target audience in mind, and liven up your questions using Appgree’s multi-format options, such as adding a link, a video, a document, or an image. Want to post your questions at a later time? Schedule them and plan your content.


Let the community express its point of view

Appgree uses sophisticated sampling techniques to sound out a group on each of the issues they are asked to weigh in on. Aided by a fast-acting voting process, each user votes on a few responses, helping the community-wide opinion come into focus.


Take actions based on the response chosen by the community

Appgree ranks responses to reflect the degree of support they have earned within the group. This way, you can tailor your decisions based on relevant feedback, thus ensuring maximum benefit for your organization.

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