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This Privacy Policy refers to the ways in which Appgree, S.A. (Hereinafter, “We”) collects, processes and uses your personal information as a consequence of the access to or utilization of the Platform (also called the “platform” or simply “Appgree”).

This Privacy Policy is applicable to Users who register on the Platform (“Users” or “You”) together with the Conditions of Use and the Cookies Policy. By accessing or using the platform, You accept and authorize the collection, processing and communication of your personal data in the terms established in this Privacy Policy and the use of cookies as described in our Cookies Policy [include link].

About the Appgree platform

The Appgree platform is an application managed by us or other Users (host), which is used to send questions to members of a community or group of Users, whatever its size, and to collect their responses and rankings in order to establish the most widely supported proposals in record time using an innovative new algorithm (DemoRank). A Host is that User who creates and, therefore, manages channels in Appgree in order to dialogue with other Users or publishes questions, in general. Appgree channels can be of public access for all Users (“public channels”) or of restricted access for certain groups of Users (“hidden” or “private” channels).

Users can access Appgree through an application that can be downloaded on your mobile devices and/or through its website version which can be accessed from any compatible browser. In some cases, Users can also access Appgree through the website or mobile app of third Parties. This third option is possible thanks to the fact that Appgree offers the possibility to any Host of integrating Appgree contents into its websites or mobile apps through the Appgree’s Widget. A Widget is a component created by Appgree that allows website publishers or mobile app developers to integrate Appgree in an easy way. There are three types of Widgets depending on the content to be displayed.

What information we receive

When you access Appgree, whether through Appgree mobile apps, its website version or the Appgree’s Widget, we can receive the following information:

  • Contact information: We receive contact data when you register and/or use Appgree, or as a consequence of use of the platform by third parties. Said contact data include, inter alia, full name, e-mail address and profile photos. All of the fields marked as obligatory in any form must be completed, and the omission of any field may prevent registration in or use of the platform.
  • User Content: We receive information about you each time you participate in an Appgree channel (for example, when your respond to a question, consult certain issues, vote in a closed question, send a photo, attach a file, post an article or a link to it, etc.
  • Likewise, We receive information about you each time you click, consult or otherwise interact with the Platform, or utilize the Appgree app for mobile devices.

We also receive other kinds of information about Users:

    • We collect data from the information we already have about You. For example, we may collect information about You to propose you channels to include in your favorites list or make any other suggestions.
    • We may obtain information about you if other Users share information about you. However, in such cases, the Users maintain control over how they share the data, which is beyond our control.


  • When you download the Appgree application on your mobile device and accept the permissions required by the application, you authorize us to access, collect and/or process data stored or generated by your mobile device as described in said permissions. You can check the permissions of the app for Appgree mobile devices in


We can keep stored the information that we have previously obtained with your permission through your social media account or other third party services, even if You delete them, or modify your permission settings in such social networks or services. If you wish, you can also delete this information from your Appgree account or profile or contact us to do so in accordance with the provisions of the previous paragraph.

How we use the data we receive.

We use the data received about Users to provide access to the Platform and allow them to participate in Appgree, as well as to ensure optimum functioning of Appgree. We will always do it without linking it to your personal profile and without carrying out actions directed towards a specific person. For example, we can use data received about you:

  • for segmentation purposes, allowing personalization of access and use of Appgree.
  • for internal operations, including resolution of problems, data analysis, research, development and improvement of the service.
  • to send, or allow us or the Host to send, notices related with the use and functioning of the Appgree platform.
  • to protect the rights and property of Appgree.

Likewise, We may also utilize statistical, analytic and other aggregate data obtained as a result of use of the Platform made by Users (“Use Data”) to improve and personalize the Platform, and to offer other products Use Data may be freely used by the Host provided that they are previously disassociated in accordance with the provisions of the applicable data protection legislation.

Purpose of the information we receive

We use the data received about Users to provide access to the Platform and allow them to participate in Appgree, as well as to ensure optimum functioning of Appgree. For example, we can use data received about you:

  • Contact: You can get in contact, through the forms established for this purpose in the Platform. You must provide your identification details, as well as the reason, subject or question. We will use these data to process the query and contact you. The legal basis for the processing of such data is based on the consent of the Users. The retention period of the data for this purpose will be one year, unless other terms are applicable.
  • Registration: By registering in the platform, it will be necessary for You to provide your identification details, such as full name and e-mail, for the processing of the registration in the Platform (or you can do it through access systems such as Facebook Connect) and allow access to the features of your personal account. By this way, You authorize that posts, questions, images and comments made may be used by APPGREE for publication on the Platform.The legal basis for the processing of such data is based on the consent of the Users. Your data will be kept as long as it is part of the community and it is registered, although in case of posting comments on the Platform, they may remain unchanged unless you ask for erase them or request their erasure, except when other terms are applicable.
  • Questions: You can participate in the questions available through the Platform. To do this, you must fill in the form established for this purpose and provide your identification details. The information provided shall be used for the participation and management of results. The legal basis for the processing of such data is based on the consent of the Users. The period of their storage shall be the period that you remain registered in our system, provided that You have not objected to it or revoked the consent, unless when other terms are applicable.
  • d. Periodic posts: Registering as a User may imply – when the User uses the Platform to create questions or participate in communities – to receive alerts via email and Push posts if you have downloaded the app about the use of the Platform’s own services in which you participate, as well as to provide functions and services related to the location, such as notifying you when an event near the place where you are located is to be held.The legal basis for the processing of such data is based, on the one hand, on compliance with the license agreement or use of our Platform, to the extent that you are using our services for free. On the other hand, we have your consent. The retention period of the data shall be the time you remain registered in our system. You can manage at any time the reception of these notifications in the control panel of the user account in the Platform itself. Find out here how to unsubscribe from these alerts.

The legal basis for the processing of such data is based on the consent of the Users. The data retention period shall be the period that you remain registered in our system, provided that You have not objected or revoked the consent, unless when other terms are applicable.

Who has access to your data?

Some of the information we receive about You may be known by the rest of Users of the platform and by the Host if You participate in channels managed by this Host. For example, some information will exist which is accessible by Users and the Host (such as full name and photographs included your profile.) Under no circumstances will other confidential profile information be made public apart from your full name and your profile photograph. Your profile will have public visibility all time, without prejudice that mechanisms to control its visibility could be offered in future versions.

Other information which you decide to share with Appgree, like user Content, will also be public for all Users and where applicable for the Host by default, or at least for those Users, and where applicable the Host, participating in the same channels as you, if participation is restricted to certain Users (restricted or private channels).

When you provide us with information which is always public, or should you decide to share other information in Appgree, you allow us and the Users, including the Host where applicable, to access and use such information and to associate it with you, and it may also become known to third parties outside the platform in certain circumstances. For example, we may share information published by you in Appgree with third parties under the terms of the licence you grant by means of the Appgree Conditions of Use. Likewise, the platform can deploy specific functionalities in order for both Users and the Host to share your published content on social media and other custom applications Furthermore, any information you publish in public or restricted channels shall also be public. This means that the Host of a public or restricted channel may utilize the information outside Appgree (e.g. in websites, or radio and television programmes if the Host is a TV show, radio station, etc.) and third parties that are not related to Appgree.

When Users download or use any kind of apps offered through the platform, we may share your profile data with the developer, which are always public for other users (name and family name, etc.). If we wish to share any other kind of data with app developers, we will seek your prior consent. Also, when you use a third-party app, the developer may request permission to access your content and data, including information stored on your device, and to access the content and data shared with You by other users. We require apps to respect privacy, but your agreement with the developer of the relevant app shall govern the way in which the app uses, stores and transmits such content and data.

Under no circumstances shall other data be made public – such as the scores assigned by Users to responses of other Users. Scores shall always be anonymous for other Users and for the Host.

We transmits the information on Users to service providers and partners hat help us provide, learn about and improve the services offered. For example, We may use external providers to help us host, manage, administer, maintain and resolve incidents related with the Platform, as well as to analyse data and provide search results. In any event, our service providers access such information for the sole purpose of providing a given service, and our providers are not allowed to use it for any other purposes, and are required to recognize that they utilize your information merely as the processing entity under the agreements made with us.

Apart from the cases mentioned above, We are expressly prohibited from assigning or communicating such information to any third party without your prior permission.

We also store the data for the period necessary to provide you with the services described above. The data associated with your account will normally be retained until you cancel the account. After deactivation of your account, see the section “Elimination and deactivation of your account” in the Conditions of Use for further information on storage of your data.

Appgree as Data Controller

Appgree as Controller of the personal data that may be collected during the offering of the service as it is known and in compliance with the provisions of article 28.3 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the council, of April 27, 2016 (RGPD) Appgree has adopted all the organizational, security and legal measures for the correct processing of such data. In this way, Appgree offers Users of the service a detailed, clear and concise information on the processing of personal data, its purpose, retention policies and ways to exercise the rights of access, rectification, erasure, restriction, data portability, and object, as well as to revoke your consent in the terms provided by law.

Data Processors

The provision of the services offered by us requires the outsourcing of hosting services and other technological issues. Specifically, the technological services of storage, hosting of servers and processing are arranged with the following companies (hereinafter, Data Processors):

  • Qualoom Expertise Technology, S.L., a Spanish company with Tax Id. No. B85437531 and Registerd Office at Plaza de Valencia 6 Bajo Local, 28937, Móstoles, Madrid.
  • Cloudinary, Inc. 111 W Evelyn Ave Suite 206. Sunnyvale, California. 94086.
  • Amazon Web Services, Inc. (, Inc.), 2021 Seventh Ave, Seattle, Washington 98121.

The data processing performed by Data Processors is regulated by Contract by which they undertake to process the data in a secure manner and respecting data protection.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the User knows and accepts that we can replace those Data Processors by other service providers, ensuring that the new provider will also respect the privacy, and the relationship will remain regulated by contract.

Both companies, Cloudinary, Inc. and Amazon Web Services, Inc., are subscribed to the Privacy Shield Agreement, so they have a commitment to data protection, and we have their commitment so that the data shall not be stored outside the European Union.

Legal minors

The Appgree platform is intended exclusively for users above 14 years of age, and if you are younger than 14 you are expressly prohibited from registering in and using the platform. For this reason, no system of parental authorization has been established to allow access to persons below the age of 14 years, and by registering in the Platform you represent and warrant that you are above the mentioned age.

We reserve the right to request that you provide certain information (e.g. a copy of your ID card) to allow verification of the User’s age, or to delete or deactivate the account of any User who is below the aforementioned age or who fails to provide the documentation requested in the periods established.

Your data on mobile devices

When Users share information, for example by sending messages containing photographs or videos, other Users can synchronize the data using their cell phones, or they can access the data using other devices. For example, if you send a photo in Appgree, anyone who sees it can save it using the Appgree tools or other device or browser functionalities.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics, without the possibility of identifying Users, in order to account for the most visited screens, the total time spent visiting the contents of the service and the behaviour flows of Users, as well as the possible errors in the service in order to improve it.

We use the services of Google Analytics for this purpose – and no other purpose – so that at no time is Users performing actions are identified, keeping their identity anonymous, without the possibility of deducting it.


We do our best to keep your information safe. To this end, we have implemented technical and organizational measures required by the applicable legislation to keep the security of personal data and to prevent their alteration, loss, unauthorized processing or access taking into account the state of the art, the nature of the stored data and the risks to which they are exposed.

Exercise of rights

Likewise, you can revoke the consent for the processing by exercising the rights of access, rectification, erasure, restriction, data portability and object to the processing, as well as revoke your consent in the terms provided by law, informing APPGREE through an email addressed to or by postal letter to Calle de Segundo Mata 6, 1º 6, 28224 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, including “Data Protection” as subject.

You may file a claim to the control authority at any time.

In both cases, the communication must be accompanied by any official document that allows your identification in order to prevent access to your data by third parties. Finally, you can communicate any modification in writing or request the cancellation of the service by notification to any of the addresses provided.

Response to legal injunctions

We may access, store or share your data in response to a legal injunction (e.g. a court order or decision), if We believe in good faith that We are obliged by Law to do so. We may also consult, process and store data received about you for prolonged periods of time, when such data are subject to any court injunction or instruction, or in the case of government investigations.

Use of Cookies

The Appgree platform uses cookies. For more information about the cookies used and their purposes consult our Cookies Policy. Accessing or using the platform implies that you agree to the use of cookies under the mentioned policy.


  1. The evolution of the services offered via the Platform may require changes to this Privacy Policy. Should We make any such changes, notice will be published via its website, including messages posted on the Platform or sent by e-mail, depending on the circumstances.
  2. If such changes are substantial, We will seek your express acceptance or will allow a certain period of time for you to express opposition to the new conditions, understanding that the proposed change is tacitly accepted after that period has elapsed.

(Last revision 25th May 2018)

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