Appgree is the only technology that lets you understand what your customers or employees want, whether there are 100 of them…or 1 million


Talk to your communities as if they had a single voice

Appgree is the only technology that can sift through the hundreds or thousands of opinions a group might have and find common ground among such a vast array of data. What’s more, it does all this in a matter of minutes, thanks to a powerful, patented Consensus Search Engine called DemoRank™, a transparent and traceable algorithm.

Unlimited number of ideas from any group

Take hundreds or thousands of ideas and find the best ones

With Appgree, it doesn’t matter how many responses you get. Whether it’s 100 opinions or a million, Appgree immediately zeroes in on the one that best represents the entire community. All you have to do is put a question out to your community and let them find common ground. No other technology empowers groups of any size this way, enabling them to freely decide on how they want to express their views.

Appgree for organizations of all types

Integrate Appgree with your website, mobile app, or any of your other platforms. Also, you can opt to use the Appgree 4Biz native apps and web-based version



Use it however and whenever you want

Appgree can be easily embedded in your website in under five minutes; or you can choose to integrate it in your mobile apps using Appgree’s SDK.

And if you want to use Appgree but don’t need it integrated with your own platforms, Appgree 4Biz is the tool for you. All you and your users need is a mobile device and Internet access. Invite them to download the Appgree 4Biz native iOS or Android app or log on to the Appgree 4Biz website using the browser of their choice.


Appgree is the only technology that lets you send open-ended questions out to communities of any size and get a consensus response. And all this with utmost statistical accuracy


Appgree identifies the majority opinion of a group, no matter what its size:



Come up with one or more questions using Appgree and launch your question(s) to your user community, whether they be your customers, employees, your association’s members, or any other group.


Thanks to its fast-acting voting process, Appgree helps the group come to a consensus decision so that, of all the answers given, the community itself can decide which most accurately reflects the entire group’s view.


Appgree ranks the responses given based on the backing each one receives from fellow community members, expressing this support as a percentage or using a five-star rating scale.

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