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About the userboard

The Appgree userboard allows you to add and delete users, send them invitations and other notifications via email, assign Channel-specific permission settings, and perform different actions such as gathering statistics on the group.

Accessing the panel

Select “Users” from the menu. Only team administrators can view this option. If this does not appear in the menu, talk to your team administrator or get in touch with us.

Where do I start?

Follow these steps to start a conversation with the group you lead:

  1. Set up accounts for the users on your team.
  2. Assign them permission settings for the Channels you have created previously.
  3. Invite them to participate by sending them an email with their access information.

Keep in mind


Certain operations such as importing users from a file or sending bulk email can take minutes or even hours to execute depending on the number of users selected or the type of operation.

Status notifications

Appgree informs you of the status and result of each operation via notifications that appear in the upper part of the panel. Appgree does not allow new operations to be carried out if a notification is still unread; close the notification to perform a new task.

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