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Types of widget

There are different types of widget depending on whether you want to insert a specific Channel or a given question from any of your Channels. The examples that follow are based in the possible interaction between a newspaper and thousands of readers.

Channel widget

There are two types.

1. Channel Timeline

This widget shows an exact copy of your Channel’s contents. The recommended dimensions are:

  • Height: 600px
  • Width: 450px (minimum width recommended: 350px)


2. Channel History

This widget has two windows. One window shows the Channel’s contents, and the other shows a list of the Channel’s questions. To make sure both windows of the “Channel History” are shown, we recommend a minimum width of 800px. If the width is less than 800px, Appgree will only show the selected question. This means that the user will have to click on the “Back arrow” from the header to see the list of questions, and select another.

  • Height: 600px
  • Width: 900px (minimum width recommended: 800px)

You can view a Channel History widget example here.

Question widget

There are two types.

1. Latest question

This widget shows the Channel’s most recent question in order to always draw users’ attention to the latest published content.

2. Specific question

This widget shows the content of a specific question, the one you choose.

The recommended dimensions for both types are:

  • Height: 600px
  • Width: 450px (minimum width recommended: 350px)

Both widgets show the content of a question:

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