Posting questions and messages

Types of questions

There are three types of questions on Appgree: question, poll and photo challenge. The first of these, questions, are the most comprehensive. These are detailed below.

Question Questions (open-ended questions)

Questions are the first type listed on the create bar. This bar is located right below the upper part of your Channel. Publish a question if you want users to express their views in open-ended fashion.

A question places no limits on responses; this way, the community can take part in the conversation. Also, questions enable users to add links, attachments, images or videos to their responses.

Open-ended questions have many advantages, especially these:

  • They make for lively debates, letting users voice their opinions on any topic and without limiting their feedback to a previously defined set of potential responses.
  • They improve the signal-to-noise ratio, limiting the difficulties often seen when many people make proposals and try to come to an agreement. In addition, questions of this nature keep the most assertive members in the group from monopolizing the conversation.
  • Since one of the things that makes Appgree great is its ability to pinpoint the proposals that represent the very best of the group, open-ended questions bring out the creativity and expertise of users. This way, the most brilliant and innovative ideas or the most suitable solutions to each problem can be found.

Concurso de fotos Photo challenges

Photo challenges are the same as open-ended questions, though only images are allowed as responses.

Photo challenges are ideal for:

  • Brainstorming ideas for the new company logo, designing a new product line, and many others.
  • Foster community spirit by asking users to choose the best selfies of the week…
  • Make a collection of photos from the most noteworthy moments of a concert…

Poll Polls

A poll is a type of question where users choose their answer from a small number of options. The person who publishes the poll sets the options that other users must choose from.

You get the gist? Now publish your first question.

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