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About the access link

Generate an access link

The access link gives your users a quick and easy way to access the team. By activiting this option, the invitation email you send will include a button. With just one click on this button, users can access your team directly, without having to enter a password. Once they are in, however, Appgree will give them the option of setting a password for future logins. The access link created by the Appgree email manager is unique to every user.

Generate a password

You can also automatically include a password in the email. By activating this option, you will generate a unique password for every user, which they can use to enter your team. How? Your users will have to copy the password and then paste it once inside your Appgree team. If you opt to do this, we recommend including your team’s URL in the body of the email, as this will help your users gain access.

Please remember that if you included the PASSWORD field when importing, you won’t need to use the email manager to generate passwords.

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