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Searching for and selecting users

How to search for users

Appgree offers a number of search filters, which appear at the top of the user panel.

Search by email address

Search for users using their email address. Allows partial searches, making it possible to search for users by entering a string of text that may appear at the beginning or end of a user’s email address or be included in the email.

Search by attribute

Users can be assigned a series of attributes. To filter users by attribute, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the pencil icon on the “Attribute” search filter.
  2. Select the attribute you want to use to filter users by clicking on the “Attribute” drop-down list.
  3. Select the corresponding value from the “Value” box and click on “Add filter.” To add more than one filter, repeat these steps.
  4. To finish, press “Apply.” Your search results will appear in the list of users in the panel.

Search by import tag

Import tags are assigned to users when users are imported into Appgree from a file. To search by tag:

  1. Click on the pencil icon in the “Attribute” search field.
  2. Select the “Filter by tag” tab.
  3. Open the “Tag selection” drop-down and choose the tag you want to apply to the filter.
  4. Click “Apply.”

Search by Channel

Search for users with a particular permission setting for a Channel. This setting may give them access to the Channel or block them from entering it. Simply select the Channel you want to search by opening up the “Channel” filter.

You can also search for a Channel using its ID (identifier) by clicking on the filter icon.

Search by permission setting

Search for users based on the permission settings assigned. For example, you can search for a Channel’s administrators by first filtering for the Channel using the “Channel” search and then filtering the results to locate those users with “Administrator” permission settings. You can also search for a given Channel’s followers by using this search filter.

Clear search filters

To eliminate the search filters applied and reload the complete list of users, just click on the X icon appearing in the search fields of the applied filters.

How to select users

Once your users have been filtered, select the users to perform a particular action on them. Just click on the total number of results appearing above the list of users. Once you have selected the users you want, make the proper selection from the “Actions” menu.

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