Participating in questions

Active and closed questions

With Appgree, you voice your opinion by participating in questions. Each Channel posts its own questions.

Active questions

Questions are assigned a certain duration by the Channel’s administrator. A question is considered active if its time has not yet run out, meaning you still have time to participate in it.

How do I know if a question is still active?

Active questions have a red dot beside the information about the question. This way, it’s easy to see whether it’s still active or not. Whether you are on your home screen or inside a Channel, remember that active questions are always on top.

Questions that have been closed

Once a question’s allotted time has run out, the final results are displayed. So while you can no longer participate, you can still go in and see which answers have gotten the most support.

Question information

A question contains the following information:

  • Title. Question text.
  • Description. This may include a link Add link, an attachment Add attachment, an image Upload a photo, or a video Upload a video. Question cards only show the first line of a question’s description. To see all the information on a question, go into the question and click on it again.
  • Time remaining for the question or how long since it closed.
  • Number of users participating. Total number of users who have voted on and/or answered the question.

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