Posting questions and messages

Question dashboard

To go to the question dashboard, find this icon at the bottom of your question and click on it: Question dashboard

While your question is active, you can carry out the following actions using the question dashboard:

  • See settings. Review the settings of the question. These cannot be modified.
  • Edit question. You may edit the basic information of the question. You may also increase or decrease the time the question will remain open.
  • Add proposals. This option allows you to add new proposals to the question. These responses will compete on equal terms with the rest sent by the users.
  • Delete. This option deletes the question. All data from the question including the proposals sent by users and the casted votes will be lost permanently.

Close round or question

These options are only visible when the question is still active. Depending on the settings established for the question (i.e. simultaneous mode or by phases), one or another may appear next to the time remaining for the question:

  • Close question. If you have set your question to be processed in simultaneous mode, this option closes the question.
  • Close round. If you have set your question to be processed in phases, this option will conclude only the phase the question is in at that time.

Participation statistics

  • Participants. Total number of single users who have been given a answer to vote on (whether they did in fact vote on it or not) and/or the number of single users who responded to the question.
  • Answers. Total number of answers sent by users.
  • Votes. Total number of votes, both up- and down-votes, received per the total number of answers.
  • Removed. Total number of answers eliminated by the administrator.

List of answers

There is a list of all the answers published to date below the participation statistics. This list mirrors what is published in the question’s “Results” tab.

Remember that while you are creating a question you can determine which answers are to be published; however, this cannot be done once a question has been created.

How can I delete an answer?

You can delete any response by clicking on the X icon.

Results-presentation mode

If you click on the full screen icon Full screen icon located at the top of the panel, you will see the question results in presentation mode, though the visibility restriction settings for that question will still be active. This way, only the results that the rest of the users with access to that Channel will be shown.

This function is especially useful if you want to project results on a screen when giving a group presentation.

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