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How to invite users

Appgree features an email service that allows you to send newly added users invitations to access the Channel as well as periodic notifications containing news, reminders, and the like.

Although this section focuses on how to send email invitations, the same steps can be followed afterward to make periodic announcements.

Am I ready to send my users their invitations?

Before you go ahead and send the invitations, make sure you have completed the preliminary steps:

  1. Register your users’ Appgree accounts.
  2. Create the Channel or Channels where they will be participating as users.
  3. Post at least one question in the Channel or Channels where they will be contributing.
  4. Assign the users access permission for that Channel or Channels.

Inviting my users to participate

To invite your users to participate in your team, follow these steps:

  1. Select the users you want the invitation to go out to.
  2. Select “Send email to users” from the “Actions” menu.
  3. Choose the language the email will be sent in. The language selection affects the default content appearing in the email, such as the text accompanying the download button and the access link. Once set, the language cannot be changed.
  4. Grant your users access by activating the “Generate and send access link to user” or “Generate and send a new password to users that don’t have one yet” option if your users have not previously been given a password.
  5. Use the editor to draft the content of the email.
  6. Once you have finished, click “Send”; however, we recommend you first select “Send test email” so you can review the email before deciding to send it.

We recommend following the tips in our “How to draft an invitation email” guide.

Troubleshooting for sending emails

Your organization may have security mechanisms in place that block incoming emails from Appgree. Please have the administrators of your email servers whitelist the following::

from: XXXX
date: Tue, Sep 29, 2015 at 9:35 AM
subject:  XXXXXXXX

Some of the emails we send may go to users’ spam folders. When this happens, the user should mark these as “not spam.”

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