Participating in questions

How to participate

In Appgree, participating in a question or a photo challenge means both answering the question and voting on the answers given by others. With polls, users participate by voting on the possible options given by the administrator. For more information, visit “Types of question”.

Participating in a PollPoll

In a poll you can:

  1. Vote for one of the options given by using the “Votes” tab.
  2. View poll results to see what percentage of users supported each of the options; do this using the “Results” tab.

Participating in a PreguntaQuestion or Photo ChallengePhoto Challenge

In a question or photo challenge you can participate in the following ways:

  1. Votes. Vote on other users’ answers by clicking on “Votes.” If you have votes pending, there will be a red dot on the tab.
  2. Answer. Answer the question with the “Answer” tab. Remember that Appgree will ask you to address pending votes before you answer the question.
  3. Results. Consultar el ranking de respuestas desde “Resultados”. See how responses rank against each other with the “Results” tab. Get additional information on the result by clicking on either the answer’s percentage of support or its rank.

These three types of interaction do not always happen in this order or at the same time; the procedure for interacting with questions depends on the question’s settings. Why, by default, do you have to vote first before answering?

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