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How to embed the widget

How to insert a Channel widget

To insert a Timeline widget or a History widget, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the share icon on your Channel’s header and select the widget option: widget.
    If the “Share button” is not activated for your team, please follow these steps using Google Chrome:
    • Open “Inspect” from Google Chrome (right-click on the mouse over the browser)
    • Copy and paste the following two lines on the “Console” tab:
      1. = true
      2. = true
    • Click the “Back” arrow or click on any other Appgree screen for the change to be applied.
    • Return to the Channel you were in: the “Share icon” should show on the header.
  2. Pick the type of widget you want to insert.
  3. Customize the widget with your corporate colors and the sizes that best fit your page, and generate the code.

Done! Now you just need to copy and paste the code in your website.

How to insert a question widget

To insert the Latest question widget widget, all you need to do is follow the previous steps and then choose the corresponding option.

And if you want to insert a specific question, click on the share icon for the question, and select the widget option widget. If the “Share button” is not activated for your team, remember to follow the steps above-mentioned so the button shows temporarily (only you will see it).

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