Export my team data

Export my team data

Do you want to get your team data? Do you have Big Data tools?
Appgree lets you download your team data on demand. Requests for team data will be processed as soon as possible based on the Appgree license you have purchased.

What data is exported?

Once your request is processed, you will receive a ZIP file with the name of your team and the date/time of the export, for example, “appgree-20161229-1347.zip”.

The ZIP contains the following files in CSV format:

  • Registered users on your team (at the time of export).
  • Attributes assigned a to these users.
  • Channels, regardless of Channel visibility.
  • Active and completed questions.
  • Users’ answers and the ranking of these answers within the question.
  • User votes cast.

How is the data connected?

See the rest of the sections on this page to understand the relational model of the exported data. This model will allow you to process the data with your Big Data tools.

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