Appgree in my website

How to embed Appgree in your website

Widget types

Appgree can be easily embedded using the widget. There are three types of widget depending on the content shown:

  • Channel Timeline. This widget shows the contents of the Channel selected.
  • History Channel. Opens up a two-view window showing the list of questions posted to the Channel in one view and the selected question’s contents in the other. This two-window view requires a wide widget size.
  • Latest question. This widget shows the selected Channel’s most recent question.

You may also embed a specific question in your website.

It’s also possible to customize your widget, for example, adjusting its font color or size.

How to generate a widget

Visit our section “How to embed the widget“.

How to insert the widget my website

Once you have generated the widget—that is, when you have the corresponding HTML code—just copy and paste it into the part of your website where you want it shown.

My website has its own register system, so how do I integrate Appgree?

If your users must go through a verification process to access your website and you want to track their interactions with Appgree, visit our section “Integrate Appgree with Login&Register“.

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