Posting questions and messages

Editing a question or message

Editing questions

Once a question is up and running, it’s possible to edit its basic information, which is:

  1. Question’s title. You may edit the title.
  2. Question’s detail. You may edit the detail of the question.
  3. Attachment. You may upload an image, document, link or video to the question or modify the existing one.
  4. Duration. You may extend or decrease the duration of the question.

However, once the question has been posted to the Channel, the settings cannot be modified. For example, it’s not possible to set the replies as anonymous once the question is active.

How to edit an active question

It’s as simple as going to the question dashboard and clicking on “Edit question”. To go to the dashboard, find this icon at the bottom of your question and click on it: Question dashboard

How to edit a scheduled question

Please visit “Scheduling questions“.

Editing messages

How to edit a message

It’s as simple as going to the message dashboard and clicking on “Edit message”.

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