Posting questions and messages

Question settings

Once you have finished editing the question settings, remember to click “Apply” or “Save and apply” if you want to save these settings for subsequent questions posted in the Channel.

Notifying followers

This is set by default. If you do not change this setting, users who follow this Channel (i.e., have it as one of their favorites) will receive a notification via email or on their mobile device—if they have the app downloaded-whenever you publish a question.


You can schedule a question so it gets posted on a specific date. Just click on the pencil icon and select the day and time you wish to launch your publication.


Max. proposals per user.

Decide on the maximum number of proposals each user can send for the question.

Maximum characters.

Set the maximum number of characters allowed per answer.

Anonymous answers.

Hide the name of the person responding. This option is particularly relevant for questions about sensitive issues.

Text-only answers..

This eliminates the possibility of adding a link, attachment or image to the answer.


Maximum number of answers a given user can vote on.

You can set this to any number from 3 to 20. So if you choose three votes per user, Appgree will send each user three answers to vote on. Remember that users cannot respond to the question without casting these pending votes first.

We usually recommend that each user be allowed 3 to 7 votes. However, if you are communicating with a smaller group—say, 50 people or fewer—we recommend raising the number of answers per user.


Choose the system for voting on answers:

  • Like/don’t like. Users can decide if they are in favor of (clicking on the green button) or against (clicking the red button) the answer they are reacting to.
  • Star rating. The user has to rate the answer by assigning a number of stars, with one star being the lowest score and five stars, the highest.


How many answers do you want to publish?

The answers you decide to publish will appear in the “Results” tab of the question and may be viewed by any user that belongs to your Appgree team (in case of Public Channels) or those who have been given access to the Channel (for Hidden or Private Channels).

  • All. All users’ answers are published, including those that have not received any votes.
  • Ranked only. Only answers that have received at least one vote are published.
  • Set amount. Determine the number of answers you wish to publish. For instance, if you choose three, only the three top-ranked answers will be published.

Publish results

Decide when to publish the results for the question:

  • Upon start of question. Results will appear in the “Results” tab as of the moment the question opens.
  • Upon end of question. Results will be published in the “Results” tab when the question closes.


Questions are put out to users in one of two ways:

  • Simultaneous. This means that once a answers is entered, the answers is then sent to another user to vote on it. As a result, answers are gathered and votes on those answers are cast in simultaneous fashion.
  • By phases. The question and feedback are processed in two clearly separate phases, one after the other. This way, no user can vote on or see the answer given by another user until all answers have been collected. The phases are:
    1. Answer collection. Users have a set time to send their answers.
    2. Voting phase. The answers gathered are sent to other users, who in turn vote on them.

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