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How to download the results of a question

You can download the results of any question from the question dashboard. Find this icon at the bottom of your question and click on it to access the dashboard: Question dashboard.

How to download the results

Once in the question dashboard, find the round icon that is located above the replies ranking -below the participation statistics- that indicates “CSV”. Just click on it and follow the instructions shown.

What information is downloaded

The results CSV contains the following information:

  1. List of replies, ordered by the degree of support (%) received;
  2. Name of the person that sent in the reply, if the results were not set as anonymous;
  3. Total number of votes (against and in favor);
  4. Total number of pending votes (participants that received the reply to vote on it, but didn’t do so);
  5. Total number of in favor votes.

Learn how to view the file correctly here.

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