Appgree in my website

Customize my widget

You can customize Appgree to adapt it to your brand. Just create a CSS style sheet (theme) and get in contact with us to apply it to your Appgree team. If you have more than one team, you can create a theme for each one of them so they have different styles.

But, what is a theme

If you’re not a web developer or you’re just not familiar with style sheets, then you may not know what a theme is. A theme is a set of colors, fonts and effects that conform a style to be applied to a document and other content, like our widget.

In Appgree a CSS style sheet represents a theme. A style sheet is a .css file allowing defining a set of rules that modify colors, fonts, sizes, etc.

How can I create my own theme

Several techniques exist to create style sheets. The widget’s owner -with the help of a web developer, unless they have the skills- can create a style sheet. Developers’ tools available in most web browsers can be used to analyze and custom the widget’s format.

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