My Channels

Setting up a Channel

How to set up a Channel

Follow these steps to set up a Channel:

  1. Click on the menu located at the top of your home screen.
  2. Select “Create Channel.”
  3. Choose a name and description for your Channel. We recommend including keywords that are easily searchable for users, such as “offers,” “Marketing Department,” etc.
  4. Set a visibility level and language for your Channel.
  5. Click “Create Channel.”


Let people know about the new Channel by sending out an email to your team or to those users you have given access to.

My list of Channels

The “Following” option on the menu contains a list of your Channels, both those you have created and those you have favorited. To see the entire list, click on “View all.”

Post a question

Before you invite users to your new Channel, we recommend posting a question so the group can have at least some content to interact with when they first enter.

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