My Channels

All about Channels

A Channel is a space to engage your users. To set up a conversation with the group, you must first create a Channel.

Favorite Channels

Users can favorite your Channel by clicking on the star. That way, these users will receive an email and mobile notification whenever you post content to the Channel. Also, the new post appears on their home screen.

Remember that as team administrator, you can make any Channel a favorite on any user’s account. For further information, see “Assigning permission levels by Channel.”

What gets posted in my Channel

All the content you post in the Channel appears in chronological order. In Channels you can publish a “Question,” a “Photo challenge,” a “Poll,” or a “Message.” None of the responses you add while setting up a question will be posted at any time. More on “Types of question”.

Who can see my Channel

If yours is a Public Channel, any registered member of your team can view your Channel and participate in it. The Channel will also show up on search results.

To restrict your Channel’s visibility, remember to set it as a Hidden or Private Channel when you are first creating it. More on Channel visibility here.

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