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Assigning permission levels by Channel

How to assign Channel level settings to users

Before giving users access permission, remember to create the Channels you want them to have access to and then follow these steps:

  1. Search for the users using search filters and then select the users.
  2. Click on “Manage permissions” from the “Actions” menu. Remember you can manage users’ permission settings one by one by using the lock icon beside each user appearing in the list.
  3. Apply the permission settings. Select the appropriate Channel from the drop-down list and choose the permission setting you wish to apply.

Assigning your own permission settings

Can I assign permission settings to myself for a Channel created by another team administrator? Yes. To assign permission settings for yourself, search for your user in the user panel and click on the lock icon beside your name.

Permission types

The team administrator can assign Channel-specific permission settings from the panel. There are four permission levels:

  • Block access to Channel. This setting restricts access to a given Channel regardless of the Channel type (i.e., public, hidden, private).
  • Give access to Channel (basic user) and set as favorite. Gives the user permission to access a Channel and participate in it and sets the Channel as one of their favorites.
  • Channel’s basic admin (up to three simultaneous questions). This permission level gives the user admin rights for the Channel. This allows the user to post up to three questions at a time in the Channel, access the administration dashboard for any question, and post an unlimited number of messages, while allowing them to participate in the Channel as an ordinary user.
  • Channel’s advance admin (unlimited simultaneous questions). This permission level grants the user all of the rights assigned to the previous level (i.e., Channel administrator), though also allowing them to have an unlimited number of active questions at a given time.

Please note

We recommend giving users permission levels even for Public Channels, as this gives you the opportunity to include the Channel on their list of favorites. That way, you make sure they’ll receive a notification whenever new content is posted to the Channel.

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