Getting started

How do I get started

Congratulations! You already have an Appgree team. In Appgree, the terms Team and Account are synonyms. You can access Appgree using the URL we’ve created for you. The URL structure is the following:

Remember you can integrate Appgree in your own platforms (e.g. apps, websites, etc.) or use the web and/or mobile apps for iOS and Android of Appgree.

1. Create a Channel

To set up dialogue with your community you should create at least one Channel. A Channel is a space where you can converse with your users. You can create as many Channels as you need, and assign different visibility levels to each one. For further information, go to “All about Channels.”

2. Post a question or a message

Once you have created the Channel, we recommend publishing at least one question so that your users can have at least some content to interact with when they first enter your team’s space. You may also wish to publish a message, such as a welcome note for users of the Channel. For further information, see the section entitled “Posting questions and messages.”

3. Invite your users to participate

To invite people to join your community, go into your userboard via the “Users” option on the menu and follow these steps:

  1. To create users: From the “Actions” menu, select “Create user” or “Import users from file” to perform a bulk import. For further information, see “Adding users to the team.”
  2. Giving permission to access the Channel: Once the users are imported, grant them access to your Channel so they may find or access it. This is especially important if yours is a Private or Hidden Channel. How? Select the users and click on “Manage permissions” from the “Actions” menu. For further information, see “Assigning permission levels by Channel.”
  3. Send them an invitation email: Without deselecting the previously selected users, select “Send email to users” within “Actions.” Remember to include direct and precise information in the invitation email. For further information, see “How to invite users.”

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