Cookies Policy for Users of Appgree

a) Use of Cookies in Appgree

The APPGREE, S.A. Appgree technology (hereinafter the “Platform”) use Cookies and other similar software (hereinafter “Cookies”). Cookies are files sent to a browser or device by a web server in order to allow the User faster access to the Services provided by the Platform (hereinafter the “Services“) and to ensure that they function correctly.

The Platform use Cookies to personalize and optimize browsing by a User for each of the functionalities offered. The Cookies utilized by the Platform are associated with an anonymous User or a User account, if the User is registered in any of the services offered. Users can configure their browsers to report and block the installation of Cookies sent by the Platform. However, disabling Cookies in your browser can limit the functionalities and services provided by the Platform, and it may reduce the quality of their functioning to the point where they cannot be used. The cookies utilized when the Platform are accessed via native apps (Android or iOS) acquired in the Play Store or App Store markets are necessarily accepted by the User when the apps are downloaded and installed.

b) Types, purpose and functioning of Cookies

Depending who manages the device or domain from which Cookies are sent, we may distinguish between own Cookies (managed by Appgree, S.A.) and third-party Cookies (managed by third-party entities processing the data obtained). Aside from analytic Cookies and social network registration Cookies, all other Cookies referred to in this Cookies Policy are own Cookies.


  • Personalization Cookies: These Cookies remember your preferences for the tools provided in the Services, so that you do not have to reconfigure the service each time you access the Platform. These cookies are utilized while a session is in progress in the Platform, or they are used for a specific functionality. Cookies of this kind are used for the following purposes:
    • Identification of the browser language in order to show content in the right language.
    • Volume adjustment for sound emissions.
    • Font type and size utilized in the Platform.
    • Storage of the User’s favourite channels.
    • Identification of the version of the service, allowing control of the necessary updates for the different functionalities.

These cookies can be deleted if the User selects the “end session” option. If cookies of this kind are deleted, the Service may fail to provide optimum service.

  • Registration Cookies: Registration Cookies are generated when the User registers and afterwards when a session is opened. These cookies are utilized while a session is open in the Platform to identify the User in the Services for the following purposes:
  • To identify the User permanently, so that the User will stay identified if he/she quits a Service or the browser, or shuts down the device, thereby facilitating navigation.
  • To verify whether a User is authorized to access certain Services; e.g. to access a channel or set of channels, and to participate in a chat with a group.

These cookies can be deleted if the User selects the “end session” option in the Platform settings. After deletion, the User will need to open a new session the next time the Service is accessed.

Also, some of the Services provided by the Platform use links to social networks like Facebook (social network share buttons),


  • Facebook registration cookies: When a User registers for a service using Facebook credentials, the social network is authorized to save a persistent Cookie which will remember the User’s identity and provide access to the Services until it expires. Users can delete this Cookie and revoke access to the Services via Facebook by updating their preferences in the social network. However, this may hinder access to the Service or set of related Services offered by the Platform.

For further information, see

  • Analytic cookies: We use these cookies to count the number of users and to carry out statistical measurements and analyses of the use made of the Platform. We analyse the use of the Platform to enhance their functioning and/or improve the range of products and services offered. These cookies are generated by Google.

Each time a User accesses the Platform, a tool belonging to an external provider (Google) generates analytic Cookies in the User’s device. These Cookies are generated only when the User performs an action. They are permanent and are used to identify the visitor anonymously when the Platform are accessed again in the future. Users should note that permanent cookies expire when they have served their purpose or when they are manually deleted.

The analytic Cookies utilized in the Platform are:

Analytic cookies (Google Analytics) __utma Used to distinguish users and sessions. The cookie is created when the JavaScript library is executed and there is no __utma cookie installed. The cookie is updated each time data are sent to Google Analytics.


·  To identify Users anonymously via the Cookie (which identifies browsers and devices, not persons) and therefore to generate an approximate tally of the number of visitors and keep track of trends over time.

·  To identify the most visited and attractive content for Users anonymously.

·  To learn whether a User is new or is making a repeat visit.




__utmz This cookie stores the source of traffic or campaign explaining how the user reached the site. The cookie is created when the JavaScript library is executed, and it is updated each time data are sent to Google Analytics.
__ga Used to distinguish Users.


These cookies can be deleted. In such case, the Platform will continue with optimum functioning and the Services will not be affected.

Further information on the Google Analytics privacy policy will be found on

c) How to disable Cookies in leading browsers

Users can choose what cookies they wish to allow at any time if the Platform is accessed via a browser by accessing the browser setup panel:

  • Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Configuration

For further information, consult Microsoft support or the browser Help function.

  • Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> Personalized Configuration

For further information, consult Mozilla support or the browser Help function.

  • Chrome: Configuration -> Show advanced options -> Privacy -> Content configuration

For further information, consult Google support or the browser Help function.

  • Safari: Preferences -> Security

For further information, consult Apple support or the browser Help function.

To disable the analytic cookies generated by Google Analytics for browsers, visit the following link:

Cookies cannot be individually disabled if the Services provided by the Platform are accessed using other means than a Web browser, such as native apps acquired in the Google Play and Apple Store markets. Consequently, any User wishing to disable the cookies will need to uninstall the native apps and will no longer be able to access the Services. :

What happens if Cookies are disabled?

The Platform need Cookies to offer services like registration in the Platform, management of User preferences with regard to font type and size, positioning of the User in the relevant section and to remember the position for future use after the Platform is closed, among other services which cannot be utilized if Cookies are disabled.


APPGREE, S.A. may amend this Cookies Policy based on changes in the Cookies utilized in the Platform from time to time, in view of changes in legislative and regulatory requirements, and in order to bring the policy into line with instructions issued by the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Accordingly, Users are advised to visit the Cookies policy periodically.

If any significant changes are made to this Cookies Policy, Users will be notified for the purposes of acceptance on the official APPGREE, S.A. website, by e-mail sent to all Users registered in the systems of APPGREE, S.A. or by any other appropriate means in the circumstances.

If you have any questions about this Cookies Policy, please write us.

(Last revision 25th May 2018)

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