Conditions of Use for Users of Appgree

The Appgree Platform (hereinafter the “Platform” or “Appgree”) developed by Appgree S.A. (hereinafter the “COMPANY“) is administered by individuals and firms (hereinafter “Hosts”) to communicate with employees, partners, customers and other users (hereinafter “Users” or “You”) to whom they have granted access (e.g. by invitation).

These Conditions of Use (the “Conditions of Use” or the “Conditions”) set out the terms established by your Host for access to and use of Appgree. By using or accessing Appgree, you express your conformity and undertake to comply with these Conditions of Use.

General Terms and Conditions

In general, you undertake to use the platform in strict compliance with applicable legislation, and you shall be solely responsible for the use you make of the platform, for all content you may reproduce over the platform and for any consequences arising.

The Host reserves the right to:

  1. withdraw any content that is not in compliance with these Conditions, or which the Host may consider inappropriate for any reason; and
  1. eliminate or deactivate a User’s account entirely at its own discretion.


You are responsible for the custody of the password you use to access the platform, and for any activity or actions you take with your passwords. Communication of your password to third parties and password sharing by several persons at once are strictly prohibited. We recommend that you protect your account using a password that is difficult to decode (i.e. a password which contains combinations of capital and lower case letters, numbers and symbols), and that you change it on a regular basis. Users undertake to notify the Host as soon as possible of the loss or theft of credentials wherever such circumstances may come to their attention. The Host shall not be liable for any loss or damages that may arise as a result of failure to comply with the above terms.


You are responsible for all content you publish in Appgree. The Host may not supervise or control the content you reproduce via the platform, and the Host cannot accept any responsibility for said content.

The use you make or reliance you place on any content or material reproduced over the platform, or otherwise obtained via the same, shall be entirely your own responsibility. The Host does not approve, support, represent or warrant that the content or communications posted or transmitted over the platform are complete, truthful, accurate or reliable, and the Host does not support any opinions expressed over the platform. You hereby represent that you understand that the use of Appgree could expose you to offensive, harmful, erroneous or inappropriate content. Under no circumstances shall the Host be liable in any way for content, including but not limited to any error or omissions in said content, or any loss or damages of any kind which might arise as a consequence of use of the content reproduced in the platform, or sent, transmitted or published via the platform.


  1. The contents you send, respond to, assess, reproduce or otherwise publish may be seen by other Users in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy.
  2. You hereby grant the Host a world license in relation to any content you, as the User, may publish on Appgree, including content protected by intellectual property rights, such as photographs and videos. Said license shall have a term equal to the term of the intellectual property rights concerned in accordance with prevailing legislation, and it shall permit the Host to use, reproduce, transform, distribute and publicly communicate any content you may publish in Appgree in any way within the platform.

User Undertakings

Users hereby given the following undertakings in relation to access and use of the platform:

  1. Users shall not use Appgree for any unlawful, dishonest, malicious or fraudulent activities, or to publish offensive, defamatory, discriminatory, xenophobic or immoral content, or content which might in any other way offend rights to personal honour, privacy and image, or any other fundamental personal rights.
  2. Users shall not publish any content or in Appgree which might infringe or violate intellectual or industrial property rights, or take of any other kind action which might be in breach of any law.
  3. Users shall not delete or in any other way remove any symbols or indications reserving intellectual property rights which may be included in the platform or any of its components.
  4. You shall not transfer your account to any other person without the Host’s prior written consent.
  5. Users shall abide by their obligation to keep secret any confidential information which may be published on the platform, or which may come to their attention as a result of their use of Appgree, and any Users who are also employees or partners of the Host shall also comply with any other policies of the Host which may be applicable to such information.
  6. Users shall not publish any information relating to other persons without seeking prior consent for such publication, nor shall they harass, intimidate or bully any other user.

Rights of use

  1. All intellectual and/or industrial property rights which may exist over the platform, as well as the texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology and other content provided to the User are the exclusive property of the COMPANY, the Host or other lawful rights holders, and none of the aforementioned rights shall be construed as having been assigned to any User, above and beyond the right to use the platform as recognized herein.
  2. The aforementioned right to use the platform shall be limited to remote access to the same online, in accordance with these Conditions of Use. Accordingly, Users are expressly prohibited from reproducing, distributing, publicly disseminating and/or transforming software or any other component of the platform beyond the scope of the aforementioned right of use.

Questions and comments

Please, contact the Host if you have any questions or comments concerning our Conditions of Use.

Elimination and deactivation of user accounts

  1. When an account is deleted, the User access to the Platform is immediately canceled. Nevertheless, the User account data may be kept in the Platform’s backup copy for up to 30 days.
  2. In certain cases, the COMPANY may keep your account data -although properly locked- longer than the stipulated 30 days to attend to possible liabilities related to data treatment while it is relevant, according to data protection law. For example, we may keep your data in the cases described in the section “Response to legal injunctions” of the Privacy Policy.
  3. Certain actions you take in Appgree are not stored in your account. Such actions include your participation in events like your responses to questions or when you vote on responses sent by other users, also any text, photo, video or any other content you may post to the Platform. Therefore, this data will not be deleted with the account. For instance, the application may keep the content you have posted, which will remain visible to other users even after you have deleted your account.
  4. Following the 30 days’ period, all data of your account will be deleted from the Platform and the Platform’s backup copies, except for the abovementioned information that is not considered part of the User account.
  5. You should only eliminate your account if you are certain that you will not wish to reactivate it later.


  1. The evolution of the services offered via the platform may require changes to these Conditions of Use. Should the Host make any such changes, notice will be published via its website, including messages posted on the platform or sent by e-mail, depending on the circumstances.
  1. If such changes are substantial, your express acceptance will be sought or you will be allowed a certain period to oppose the new conditions. If you do not accept the new Conditions, the Appgree service will be terminated forthwith. Otherwise, it shall be understood that you accept the proposed changes upon expiration of the aforementioned period.


The Host may terminate the Appgree service at any time without the need to give any grounds, but it shall provide reasonable prior notice to the extent possible.


  1. The terms “information” and “content” refer to any information about you, including Users’ actions, and/or everything you or other Users publish on the platform.
  1. The term “publish” means publish on Appgree, or otherwise provide content via Appgree.

(Last revision 25th May 2018)

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