Getting started

About Channels

A Channel is a place for dialogue among the team (or part of the team) and the company. A Channel is made up of questions and messages. The team administrator is responsible for giving certain people access to Private Channels.

Channel visibility

There are three kinds of Channel in Appgree 4Biz, each having different degrees of visibility:

  1. Public Channel. All users on the team can access these Channels.
  2. Hidden Channel. Channels with restricted visibility. Only users who have the link to Hidden Channels may access them. These users may share the link with other users belonging to the team. Hidden Channels do not show up on search results.
  3. Private Channel. Restricted-access Channel. Only those users who have been given access rights by the team administrator may enter Private Channels.

Your favorite Channels

How to add a Channel to your list of favorites

To mark a Channel as a favorite, all you need to do is click on the star icon beside it. Keep in mind that the team administrator can also add a Channel to your list of favorites if they believe it may be of interest to you.

By marking a given Channel as a favorite, you will begin to follow that Channel’s activity, so as of the time you favorite it, all questions and messages posted in the Channel will appear on your home screen.

If you have Appgree on your smartphone or tablet, remember you will receive notifications whenever any of your favorite Channels post new content (and decide to notify its followers).

Viewing your favorite Channels

To view your list of Favorite Channels, go to “My Channels” on the side menu in Appgree 4Biz. To view the full list of favorites, click on “See all.”

Search for Channels

If you haven’t added any Channels to your favorites yet or if you’re searching for a Channel, click on the magnifying glass icon on the top. If you are still unable to locate the Channel, get in touch with your company. Further information on Channel searching is available here.

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