Appgree’s web and mobile app that tunes you in to what your employees and customers want

Identify key information for your business

Appgree is the only technology that solves a growing problem organizations face: excess information. Receiving 1,500 customer opinions about a new product is enormously valuable for your business, but only if you can rank them by how well they reflect the opinion of the entire group. Appgree can pinpoint the view shared by any community from among the hundreds, thousands, or millions of opinions expressed by its members. And it does all this in real time.

Appgree 4Biz is Appgree’s solution for enterprises that don’t have their own app, website, or platform in which Appgree can be embedded.


Ready to start in under 5 minutes

To use Appgree 4Biz, all you need is a mobile device and Internet access. Log on to Appgree 4Biz from any of the most popular browsers or download the app on your mobile device, and you’re set… Publish your first questions and send them out to your community of users.


Quick access from your browser or on your mobile device

If you want to have your community always at hand, invite them to download the Appgree 4Biz native iOS and Android apps. Every time you communicate something to them, they will get a notification on their mobile device. Or, if you prefer to access the tool with a browser, invite them to participate using the web version.


Email service and user control

To connect with your community, simply import your user database into Appgree 4Biz. Once this is done, you will be able to assign each of them permission levels and admin privileges according to their profile. And rest assured, your data is your data: all we do is process it. Appgree 4Biz also features an integrated email service so you can send notifications out to your entire community or only the segment you want.

Instant information

With Appgree 4Biz, a marketing manager can find out the opinion of their entire team, and in less than 5 minutes. Find out how

With Appgree 4Biz, you make better decisions

Find out how any group thinks in real time

Get a conversation started with your teams, customers, and any other community as if you were talking to a single person


Streamline processes

Zero in on data that is relevant to your business in under 24 hours


Lower your costs

Speed up your usual market-research cycles from months to a matter of days

React quickly to any kind of situation

Identify problems and find solutions faster


React before others can

Quickly find out what your competitors are doing and stay ahead of the curve


Tap into the latest trends

Be the first one to know about market trends and innovate

Capitalize on new opportunities as they emerge

Identify new opportunities and shorten your reaction times


Spread expertise on best practices

Discover and share best practices among your teams


Get your communities involved

Build your strategy around your customers and employees and increase their engaged

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