We agree in seconds and change things forever.

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Discover the free app that changes the way we as a group will communicate forever… Experience a new way of talking.


What if a million people could talk as if they were a guest on a TV debate?

Can you imagine an entire country talking clearly and coherently with its President?

And an understandable conversation between the millions who support two football teams?

The power of appgreement

Appgree is a new way of talking that opens a door to what until very recently nobody believed was possible. Now a group of friends or even millions of people can simply agree in no time, not only directly expressing their wishes and ideas in a clear way but being able to take part in a myriad of new communication processes. Learn more
Appgree is a new medium and so it gives a completely new meaning to human groups. Groups are no longer just the sum of their parts but a coherent entity with a power that grows proportionately to their size. Never before have groups been able to find practical meeting points or manifest their will and take action in just seconds!

With Appgree
a group has the power to organise
itself and make its will known.

1. It can give value to all its members’ ideas quickly


2. Find out which one satisfies most people


3. Therefore, it can express itself as clearly and fluidly as a person.

Source code release
Appgree 2015

In Appgree we wish to contribute to the open-source community and share insights into the workings of our products. Learn more.